Established in 2013 Conceptually designed to promote a green and healthy living for the overnight community. Items available are specifically designed to relieve, calm, soothe or prevent common biological disorders affecting humans such as: insomnia, anxiety, stress, stomach ache, constipation, cancer prevention, alzheimer's disease and others. In addition, NOKturne believes a greener environment and cleaner air is the key element for longevity and a healthier living. This is why NOKturne has taken the measures to provide biodegradable packaging on every single item sold, as well as the incentive to stimulate the usage of our ReBag. NOKturne was created to help the overnight community. Why night, you may ask. Well, it turns out that the labor force on duty during late hours is much more smaller compared to the diurnal workforce, so it is easier to make an impact about our business. Also, late workers and night dwellers have considerably less options to maintain a balanced diet.