The pandemic has taken a toll on America’s mental health and the effects are especially profound among youth and families. The Menninger Clinic, a nationally recognized leader in mental health treatment, education and research, is teaming up with The Health Museum to offer parents and caregivers useful information through a convenient, FREE virtual program series. The goal is to equip parents and caregivers with information that can help them better understand and care for the mental health of their children and themselves. Kicking off for Mental Health Month in May, the series will continue on a bimonthly basis through March, 2022. Questions are always welcome and parents are invited to submit questions in advance or during the virtual program. The following are the two sessions offered in May to coincide with Mental Health Month: Post-COVID: Coping with Reentry into the Community Thursday, May 13, Noon – 1PM (via Zoom) Speaker: Angela Koreth, LPC-S, Program Manager, Menninger Outpatient Services in Bellaire Moderator: Jon Stevens, MD, MPH, Vice President of Growth and Innovation, Menninger The pandemic brought seismic shifts to families in the past year - work, school, worship and social routines were upended. Families established a “new normal.” Now, as vaccination rates rise and communities reopen, how do we navigate the anxiety and stress of more change for our children and ourselves? Angela Koreth, licensed professional counselor, provides helpful insights on navigating reentry to community for families. She’ll talk about the thoughts and emotions that may arise for parents and children as well as healthy strategies for understanding, communicating and coping. To register for this free program: The Brain and Mental Health Thursday, May 20, Noon – 1PM (via Zoom) Speaker: Jon Stevens, MD, MPH, Vice President of Growth and Innovation, Menninger The brain - that encapsulated jelly mass that makes up about two percent of your child’s body weight - manages 100 percent of his or her thoughts, emotions, behaviors and decision-making. What is the dynamic connection between brain function and mental health? Child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Jon Stevens will share some “brain basics” and discuss how these apply to mental health and the developing brain. He’ll talk about the ways changes in brain and body health can impact mental health. He’ll also share some promising technology innovations that could lead to more convenient mental health treatment for child and adult patients. To register for this free program: