Photo by Troy Fields

Pour Society

Photo by Troy Fields
After three months of being open, Pour Society was still very much a work in progress. Even the menu was dotted with items marked “Coming Soon,” and perhaps that is a warning not to expect too much. There’s a really nice beer list with selections from North Coast, Nebraska and Lagunitas brewing — and frankly, that’s the area least likely to disappoint. Our visits here could have been a case study in “everything that can go wrong in a restaurant.” Appetizers showed up after entrées, cocktails didn’t appear for a long time, food was burned and sometimes cold. Servers ranged from untrained but caring to curt and inattentive.

The best items here are the TV Dinner (the items on the tray rotate regularly throughout the week), the meatloaf meatballs and the chicken pot pie. As far as everything else goes, you’re taking your chances. The fried chicken had a lot of potential but tasted as if it were fried in old oil. The foie gras was cool and missing the promised quail egg. The queso flameado was a goopy, broken mess of oil and cheese curds. Our hope is that once it’s been open a few more months, the kitchen and service will catch up to a worthy vision of reimagined Southern favorites in a casual setting.