Rice Stadium

The best place to watch a football game is this secret little 70,000-seat place near the Medical Center. Built in nine months in 1950, Rice Stadium was designed solely for the purpose of football. No rodeo. No baseball. (Although some other Rice sports like track and field also call it home.) It's got the best sight lines of any stadium in the city. True, you sit on benches, not cushioned chairs, and there's no fancy roof. But because of its structure, every seat feels close to the field. No matter where you sit, you feel like you're in the game. There's only one problem with Rice Stadium: Few people ever go there, owing to the underwhelming state of Owl football. But anybody who's ever seen a game at Rice will testify that Reliant Stadium is a poor second when it comes to watching the sport. And don't forget, you're not going to see the notorious Marching Owl Band at Reliant.