Saddle River Range

We have built "Your Range" to be the most luxurious, family friendly, indoor firearms/archery range, training academy and full retail store in Texas! We pride ourselves on providing an impeccably clean, upscale environment that is a marked departure from the typical gun range and store.?? ?Upon entering, be ready to feel that you have arrived! Open to the public but also offering memberships to fit any shooting enthusiasts budget, Saddle River Range offers a level of service and atmosphere that is unmatched in the indoor shooting sports industry. We are fully committed to providing a safe, warm and inviting Next-Generation facility that also offers a fun social setting where first time and experienced shooters can feel comfortable on “your range". We provide family-oriented safety, education, and instructional shooting sports, as well as self-defense training. Saddle River Range will be “Your Range” to learn and/or improve your firearms safety and handling in a relaxed yet disciplined and professional environment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff bring real-world military and law enforcement experience that respectfully offers their expertise based on every level of shooter; beginner to expert.