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SaltAir Seafood Kitchen

SaltAir Seafood Kitchen occupies a casually chic space dressed in cool tones. The menu is sketched out with a rough hashing of hasty lines and a casual script, and looks like a brainstorming session — the sort of stream­of-consciousness document you might expect from a chef in the early stages of menu planning. It’s charming, even if a bit confounding, and the food it represents is as well thought out as the menu is casually disarrayed. The document encourages meandering, which is the best way to eat at SaltAir. Follow the menu’s lead and let your eye wander. Pick some wine from the well­-priced menu, order something cold and raw to start, maybe a salad, then move on to vegetables, all of which are handled with an aplomb not expected of a restaurant that doesn’t bill itself as vegetable-centric; you can hardly go wrong there. Mind the specials, and keep it simple. That’s what SaltAir does best, and it does that exceptionally well. Price Range: $$­-$$$ Parking: Lot, Valet Attire: Business Casual Payment Types: All Alcohol: Beer, wine cocktails Outdoor Seating: Some Reservations: Recommended Cuisine Types: Seafood, Good for Vegetarians