Songkran Thai Kitchen

Songkran is the latest from chef Junnajet "Jett" Hurapan, who's returning to his Thai roots after years of cooking other Asian cuisines. This is his labor of love, and it's clear from the attention to detail in both the food and the decor that this is the restaurant Hurapan's been waiting to helm. Tucked into a chic spot that formerly housed 1252 Tapas Bar in Uptown Park, Songkran's version of Thai food is upscale and clearly caters to the Uptown Park/Galleria crowd. It's safe, but still flavorful and authentic, if a little easy on the spice for those accustomed to the food at Vieng Thai or Thai Gourmet. With a great wine list and a lovely outdoor patio, Songkran is poised to be an Uptown Park mainstay, with excellent dishes like heavenly beef, whole red snapper and pad thai.