Photo by Adrienne Wing Photography, courtesy of SUGA Art Gallery

SUGA Art Gallery

[Organizer's description:] SUGA Art Gallery is a local, independent Montrose gallery with the mission to inspire passion, creativity and share the authentic spirit of Latin American art with the Houston community.

SUGA Art Gallery officially opened its doors to the public in December 2015, taking over the former space of Gaslight Gallery Tattoo on Westheimer in Montrose. SUGA owners Susana Rios and her daughters Gaby and Julie are the visionary women behind this new local art scene, with the intent of bringing new Latin American art to the Houston community.

Born in Venezuela, the Rios ladies developed an appreciation for art, finding it common for many people to take pride in their personal collections back home. They enjoyed the excitement of art buying & collecting as a journey of self-expression. After moving to Houston in the summer of 2000, it became their wish to share with others that simple philosophy of art collecting for pleasure. This is how SUGA began. The Rios women had a vision to share the culture and intimacy of Latin Art with Houston. Under the roof of their casual and welcoming gallery nestled in the heart of Montrose, SUGA Art Gallery acknowledges the importance of art for all people and hopes to introduce a wide array of Latin artists to fellow Houstonians.

The artwork is presented in a collective exhibition intentionally displayed in a spontaneous way, leading to a more hands-on experience. So far six nations are represented by more than 13 artists, all from different backgrounds and very relevant to the art scenes of their country. The collection is very diverse, offering opportunities for all to acquire authentic work at a great value.