Tacos Mayra Taco Truck

This colorful taco truck located in front of a washateria near Alief dishes up some super-tasty tacos. What sets Tacos Mayra apart from its competitors is that there's no scooping of pre-made filling onto a taco shell when you order here. All the fillings are finished on the grill, which means you will have to wait for your tacos to be done. The piping-hot tacos are oh-so-satisfying every time. The pastor tacos are well-marinated and flavorful. The lengua is juicy and tender, the chicharron are fatty and decadent, and the barbacoa is hearty and melts in your mouth. Order your carnes on flour tortillas with everything on it (grilled onions and fresh cilantro), add some spicy salsa verde and prepare to take a trip to Mexico for just $1.50 each.