The Interchange

The Interchange is Houston’s newest space for dance, theater, art, music, flow, and circus art performance. Led by a collective of local Houston performance artists, The Interchange offers a unique opportunity for Houston’s art community to develop a space from the ground up. Currently The Interchange is an empty 5,000 square foot warehouse in Midtown that is waiting to be developed into a performance space meeting the needs of independent artists and small dance and theater companies. The space is an empty shell that will be built out according to the needs of the collective and the community. It features performance space both indoors and out, which creates a lot of potential for unconventional artists to produce site specific work and use mediums like fire that are difficult to produce within the typical theater setting. There is also available onsite and street parking that is free of charge and easy to access. Husband and wife team Maggie Lasher and Andy Karavitis are heading up the managerial side of the space, and are supported by the Interchange Collective, a group of multidisciplinary local artists who have a vested interest in developing the warehouse into an accessible and affordable space in which to present work. Maggie has been producing dance and fire performance with her company Holding Space for over a decade, and she is also the dance program coordinator at Houston Community College. Andy has served in theater production for many years, and he has played an important role in the production of fire shows.