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The Pass

Photo by Troy Fields
The Pass has garnered rave reviews from media outlets across the country since it opened on the border of Montrose and downtown Houston in November of 2012. It’s all well-deserved. The food is unlike anything else in Houston—small tasting plates artfully constructed that put a unique spin on otherwise familiar ingredients. The menu changes regularly, featuring dishes like a curry, pea and chanterelles spring roll or foie gras tart. But no matter the menu, every dish, from the bread in the shape of mushrooms to gourmet Dippin' Dots and Campari lollipops, is made with a bit of whimsy that turns meals into more than just eating. Dinner at The Pass is about the experience, the showmanship, the wink and nod that is at play in every little ingredient. It doesn't always work, but when it does, the meal can be, well, show-stopping. It’s no surprise the restaurant was a James Beard semifinalist for "Outstanding Service" in 2016, because that is just as exemplary here as the food.