Tiger Den

Ramen place after ramen place has opened in Houston, and yet Tiger Den is still cited as a top pick by aficionados of this quick, hearty meal-in-a-bowl. It’s located in a small shotgun space in Chinatown's Dun Huang Plaza. Tiger Den was so popular when it opened that the owners had to close and rework their plans to accommodate the huge crowds. Now that the initial madness surrounding the spot has subsided a bit, Tiger Den is a comfortable place to enjoy a low-key (but fast) dinner in one of the more chic spots of Chinatown. Though the yakitori that accompanies the ramen on Tiger Den's menu is fairly one-note, the ramen is rich and complex, and the house-made noodles have an ideal firm chewiness to them. Try the tonkotsu and spicy miso ramens. There is also a selection of Japanese beer and sake as a cooling accompaniment to the meal. Just remember: It's bad luck to pour your own sake, so bring a friend.