Unity of Houston

Anyone seeking a more meaningful life experience can gain enlightenment by attending Empower Your Soul through Meditation, a meditation workshop/seminar series hosted by the Houston Science of Spirituality and presented by international speaker and visiting author, Dr. Andrew Vidich September 9-13 throughout the Houston Metropolitan area including Clear Lake and Pearland. For details visit web page at houstonsos.org/andrew-vidich Dr. Vidich will help attendees identify the blockages that keep one from exploring the limitless potential of the soul. He also explores how individuals can use the power and energy of the soul that is within everyone to transform their lives. The series’ theme is based on the book Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji. Sant Rajinder Singh provides simple techniques for accessing the riches of each person’s soul so that each reader can discover his or her great potential. The lectures are designed to awaken attendees to the “empowered soul” and its rich qualities such as unlimited wisdom, fearlessness, immortality, unconditional love, connectedness and bliss. Once one learns to tap his or her inner resources, one can experience a profound transformation that will enrich all areas of life - including personal relations; physical, mental, and emotional health; professional work; spiritual growth; and the attainment of goals. Dr. Andrew Vidich has been an author & meditator for 45 years. He is also an educator, and editor of more than five books. Most recently, he wrote Light upon Light: 5 Master Pathways to Awaken the Mindful Self. (Elite Books). His other books include Love is a Secret (1990), critically acclaimed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences which stated that “it provided a great service to readers interested in the deeper dimensions of mystical love.” Dr. Vidich has been an adjunct assistant professor of religion at Manhattan College in Riverdale NY and at Iona College in New Rochelle where he has taught courses in the nature and experience of religion, meditation, death and dying and Islamic studies. He is also a literacy coach and senior advisor at Repertory High School for the Theatre Arts in New York City.