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  • Leder’s film mostly devotes itself to the future Supreme Court justice’s first world-shaking sex discrimination case, 1972’s Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue: Ginsburg and her husband ... argued against a discriminatory statute before...

  • At times, as it dissolves between scenes of its cast as literal toy dolls machine-gunning Nazis in the made-up Belgian town of Marwen, Zemeckis’ movie seems an inquisition into the limits of the director’s own imagination

  • Don’t look to Vice for psychology or even a sense of presence; McKay uses the Cheneys’ grim unknowability as an excuse not to bother going for either

  • With the quickest blink or nervy glance, Roberts communicates to us both what her character, an ordinary woman named Holly Burns, has convinced everyone around her to think she’s feeling but also all of her secret doubts, fury and anguish

  • Wonder has often been in short supply in the never-ending age of superhero movies. But James Wan's giddy epic Aquaman has seven seas' worth of the simplest kind of it, razzle-dazzle imaginative variety. Here are the warriors of Atlantis...

  • True to the spirit of the chipper, somewhat aimless live-action Disney day killers that inspired it, Rob Marshall's Mary Poppins Returns gets better the further it wanders from its actual story. The plot concerns a greedy banker (Colin...

  • In his first film since the culture-shaking, Oscar-winning Moonlight, writer-director Barry Jenkins has not so much adapted James Baldwin's 1974 novel, If Beale Street Could Talk, as expanded it, in ways only the most accomplished...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.