10 Acts to Watch at Yes, Indeed! Fest 2014

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By Chris Gray and Matthew Keever

Weekends that go by without another multi-stage festival setting up shop somewhere in Houston are getting pretty scarce, but Yes, Indeed~ has a definite leg up due to its track record and homegrown appeal. For its third edition, the nine-hour event relocates to mid-Main and expands to a nine-hour, four-stage musical feast unfolding at the Continental Club (plus patio), Big Top and Alley Kat, all within stumbling distance of one another if need be.

With almost 30 acts in all, Yes Indeed's backbone remains Houston's vibrant indie scene, but you'll find bands as far away as Kansas City, Canada and neighboring Louisiana, as well as a handful from Austin. To help you sort through the schedule (which you can find here), Rocks Off picked out ten acts we think are especially worthy of your attention. With tickets a mere $12 in advance (so get 'em now), whoever you choose will be quite a bargain.

ROBERT KUHN Galveston-based Kuhn is a spongy singer-songwriter, whose music mingles his absorption of philosopher-poets like Jeff Tweedy or Leonard Cohen with his extensive travels in Latin America. Featuring Little Joe Washington on three songs, his 2014 full-length Everybody Knows (see, Cohen?) is a little more AvantGarden than Anderson Fair. (5:15 p.m., Pachinko Hut)

AFTER NATIONS Wild and wooly prog-rockers from Kansas City who will scratch that nagging Mars Volta itch. Songs like "Gilgamesh III" and "Blackout, Relapse" swirl through patches of reflective calm and angular agitation. (7:30 p.m., Big Top Lounge)

POOR PILATE These Houston rockers do things to a piano that Billy Joel never intended, but your mom might still like 'em. Front man David Lascoe seems to be going more for a Warren Zevon type of thing, where cynicism fights a valiant, often losing (and often pretty) battle against sentimentality. (8:30 p.m., Big Top)

OTIS THE DESTROYER If the Black Angels are too damn dark and droney for you, give Otis the Destroyer a whirl. The Austin four-piece adds a note of pop innocence to squally psych-rock, resulting in a sound Radiohead fans will approve of as well. (9:30 p.m., Big Top)

WE WERE WOLVES Sweaty-ass Beaumont transplants who sound like Molly Hatchet had a baby with Queens of the Stone Age (or something like that). Released unstable full-length debut Wolf House in December 2013. (10 p.m., Continental Club)

ELECTRIC ATTITUDE Collaborating between seven band members, Electric Attitude may have found the perfect blend of funk, soul, jazz and even a little disco. One of the most diverse bands in Houston is also the most easily accessible on first listen. If you haven't already, you really should buy their latest album, Skintight & Solid Gold. Funk for days. (10:45 p.m., Alley Kat)

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ANOTHER RUN Another Run uniquely merges indie rock with soulful melodies, catchy enough to make pop artists jealous. The band has managed to carve a spot for themselves in the Houston music scene, owing much to their renowned live performances. With plenty of new material from an upcoming album, they are not an act be missed. (11 p.m., Continental Club)

BLSHS Shortly after the release of their debut album, Abstract Desires, BLSHS became the Houston music scene's latest darlings. And rightfully so. Allow Michelle Miears' seductive vocals and her bandmates' synthetic drum tracks and haunting keyboards to sink in, and let yourself go. It's an eerily good time. (11:45 p.m., Alley Kat)

BLACK PISTOL FIRE This Toronto/Austin duo are as likely to put Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" through a garage-punk wringer as to take, er, Little Richard's "Keep a Knockin'" out for a ride in Jed Clampett's bluegrass jalopy. Besides their excellent taste, though, originals like crunchy country-rocker "Crows Feet" or electric-blues hammer "Jezebel Stomp" generally slay, too. (12 a.m., Continental Club)

THE TRIMMS Reminiscent of rawk giants from Zep to the White Stripes, the Trimms know how to bring the heavy. Great choice for Yes, Indeed! mop-up duty.(12:30 a.m., Big Top Lounge)


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