10 Albums We're Not Supposed To Like But Do

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KISS, Dynasty: Once we were talking to a buddy about lesser albums that have no call in getting exalted, but contrarian assholes like ourselves enjoy for some strange reason. He said "You're probably one of those jerk-offs that likes disco-era Kiss, huh?" to which we emphatically agreed. Yeah, if liking "Dirty Livin'" and "I Was Made For Loving You" is the stuff of jerk-offs, CHL is biggest jerk-off that ever jerked off.

Aerosmith, Nine Lives: Nine Lives was probably the first Aerosmith album we remember actually following from the studio to the store shelves, a job now which is something akin to how a meteorologist watches a front come towards their viewing area. It's commonplace. We pored over Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, anything we could get our hands in 1996 and 1997 to find our music news at this point.

It's not a sloppy Aerosmith album. No, that title is reserved for it's follow-up, 2001's Just Push Play, which is bitch-awful and stands as the last all-new Aero album recorded. Nine Lives may be the band's last great album, seeing how dysfunctional and different they have grown the past 15 years. It does get bogged down by hokey Eastern imagery that seems more like chic bandwagoneering than actual spiritual interest, but you can hear the band firing on all cylinders and in the pocket. "The Farm" sounds pretty damn cool coming out of an old Sony Discman on the school bus too.

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