10 Bands We'd Rather See in 3D Than Metallica

Metallica recently announced that they would be releasing a film in 3D. Whether or not we're talking a concert film, something more along the lines of Some Kind of Monster, or a different approach entirely they haven't confirmed. Still, it seems most likely that they will follow in the footsteps of U2 and the Jonas Brothers in trying to replicate their live show in full-fledged 3D IMAX

Truth be told, we would probably go see that. Metallica has always put on a good show, and we've always thought that some real dedication to theatrically releasing concert films in a big way might be one of those ways that the music industry could boost itself up without the massive cost of touring. Plus, think of the cache in showcasing new artists through music video trailers.

That being said, we can think of at least ten more acts we'd rather see in the 3D medium.

10. VNV Nation

In our youth, we sneered that any electronic-based live performance could rival the energy of a true four-piece rock act. That all changed when we first saw Asmodeus X, and was blown-away forever by the sheer physical charisma of VNV Nation. They're film would definitely be somewhat stark, but the energy alone would be enough to sell the idea of Ronan Harris stalking amongst us in the theatre.

9. The Irrepressibles

Our favorite band from England has already proven that they know plenty about spectacle. Their live performances already incorporate starling mirror effects, and transposed into giant size it would be the perfect reflection of art back and forth from audience to artist.

8. Tori Amos

In contrast to an overblown spectacle, it would be great to have Amos teamed up with Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean to weave a piano-based dreamworld that flows and flourishes around her music. Think what Mirromask would've been like in 3D flowing along Amos's timeless talent. It's also out thought that this might be the best way we'd ever see some kind of cinematic version of Sandman.

7. Bjork

This one is a no-brainer. Bjork stays on the cutting edge so-much we're amazed she doesn't leave a crimson trail. Anyone whose ever seen her MTV Unplugged knows that she innovates as she damn well pleases, and we're pretty sure offering her the opportunity to be close enough to touch but still ghostly and all-powerful would spark a few ideas.

6. Alice Cooper

Ideally, we'd want Cooper to revisit the amazing stage show he put together for Brutal Planet, but we'll settle for any incarnation he chooses. Aided with Hollywood magic we might really get to see the master of shock at his best.

5. Gorillaz

The most obvious choice for a 3D overall is the Gorillaz. Nothing else needs to be said here, save that we're actually slightly disappointed that they haven't thought of it first.

4. The Wall in 3D

Dear Mr. Waters, please, please, please, before you lay it back to rest get one good filming of your Wall concert in, and please make it 3D. Nothing could possibly make the message hit home than to have every one of us feel the Wall itself actually looming down on us.

3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Look, the Polar Express is a good film, but there is simply no getting over those dead eyes. Is it too much to ask that another 3D Christmas spectacular take its place? Its not like there would be any shortage of interest.

2. NIN

Trent has always put on a hell of a show, but with his new role as soundtrack god there is not much likelihood of him really strapping on the NIN material and taking it out to attack the nation... unless maybe those same Hollywood connection got interested in a 3D film. Plus, there is always a chance he'll bring Peter Murphy along for the ride.


Like anyone other than GWAR was going to top the list. You'd get all the perks of a live performance and only the minimal stickiness that comes with going to the movies instead of the full-drenching of blood at your typical GWAR concert. It's time for ILM to make the Earth Maggot into something that a nation can really fear.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.