10 Bonus Identity Festival Deleted Scenes

Saturday: Identity Festival at The Woodlands

ID Fest: The Crowd (daytime)

ID Fest: The Crowd (nighttime)

Here's a peek behind the curtain: when taking notes on a show I average about one page per hour. That's fine for a show like LMFAO, where the bulk of the review is on one act and I have a bit of leeway with what to discuss.

Saturday's Identity Festival was long and when you spend eight hours taking notes you have to kill a few of your observational babies for the sake of readability.

EDM shows continue to fascinate me, which explains why I tend to take way more notes than I need to when I go to them. Here are ten deleted scenes from my show review to help give things a bit more color.

1. Security

I thought I had a pretty good handle on how things would be once I got to the Pavilion based on the blog I wrote on Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I was asked to take off my shoes while going through security. I understand the need to try and avoid what happened outside Boston, but this isn't an airport. It's an even dumber request when you consider they weren't patting anyone down.

2. Fog In the Sun

Fog machines and dance music go hand in hand, but it looks super-silly in the sun. At first I thought something was on fire before I realized what was going on. Sun is smoke is bad, dark is fog is good. Pretty simple.

3. Viking EDM

Has anyone tried making dance music with Viking flair? Given the European nature of the music and the love of furry leggings and pointy hats it seems like a natural combination. At least it would help some of those costumes start to make sense.

4. The Two Extremes

While most dressed in light colors for comfort, there were those in attendance at the extremes of fashion. To one extreme are those who dress in furry costumes, which I assume are good for sweating heavily and dropping weight.

At the other end of the spectrum are those wearing basically nothing, which I assume is good for photo galleries and pageviews. I hope this spreads to rock shows because I find people-watching to be fascinating and horrifying.

5. Growing Pains

If shows like this continue to grow in size, will the CWMP be able to continue to host them? Security seemed taxed as it is trying to make people understand that only so many people can be in certain sections at a time. If more and more people show up year after year it seems like things could get messy, yet I can't think of another location in town better suited for the show.

6. Beat Repeat

Two DJs played Eric Prydz tracks before he hit the stage, which was weird but ok. Two DJs played their preferred versions of Martin Solveig's "The Night Out", which was weird but awesome because it's the best song on the radio right now. It seems a little odd this sort of thing happens. With the thousands of minutes of music out there it seems like there'd be more than enough to go around.

7. Microperformance

Multiple times I saw people with LED gloves doing complex hand movements inches away from the faces of others. Is this normal or are these people just really in to hyper personal performance art? Do drugs make this experience better? How long before someone designs the iPhone of LED gloves?

8. This Happened

I came in to this situation late, but the important part is that a shirtless man with a fanny pack was angrily gesturing at two other guys (wearing shirts) about how they needed to go away. Shit looked like it was going to get real when suddenly and without warning Shirtless Fanny Pack Guy started dancing.

When he was done he again pointed at the guys to tell them they needed to leave, which they did. You don't mess with a guy who serves you while wearing a fanny pack. That guy is too legit.

9. The Skrillex of VJs

How long before we get a video artist who goes mainstream? Wouldn't it be cool to go to a venue and hear loud music while a really creative person creates amazing art in front of you? Visuals already play a big part in these types of performances, but it would be nice to have someone who is truly gifted visually get their name on the marquee too.

10. New Noise

Le Castle Vania played this awesome remix thing of Refused's "New Noise" that focuses on the building guitar riff and the "Can I scream?" vocal. Not only is it fun to listen to but it's great to talk about. Is it reference to The Shape of Punk To Come and how EDM has become that shape or is it just a song with high remix potential? Either way "We dance!" and "We enjoy!" whether the songs are wrong or not.

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