10 Great Instances Of Rappers Honoring Other Rappers

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7. Nas, "We Will Survive"

Album: I Am... (1999)

Verse 1 is a tribute to Biggie. Verse 2 is dedicated to 'Pac. There's also an indictment of then nemesis Jay-Z in between the two. "We Will Survive" was recorded in the middle of the east vs. west coast beefs that culminated in the deaths of two hip-hop greats. In addition to other ramifications, Big's death created a vacancy for king of New York's rapdom, and Nas took issue with a certain Brooklyn rapper who was positioning himself as Biggie's successor. Although Nas had already thrown the first stone on "Nastradamus" ("You wanna ball till you fall? Let me help you with that"), "We Will Survive" was the one that really got Jay's blood boiling.

6. Preemo, "My Letter to Ice Cube"

Album: The Magic Bullet (2011)

Preemo recalls a studio session with Ice Cube on this gem from his Magic Bullet LP. The closest we've been to Ice Cube was eating a bunch of food designated for his crew before getting chased out of the green room. Preemo got to kick it with him in the studio, smoke with him and even weigh in on a song he was recording for Laugh Now, Cry Later. "Such a trip to hear the speakers playing Cube, and you look up and he's looking back at you from the booth," Preemo remembers.

5. GZA feat. The RZA, "All in Together Now"

Album: Grandmasters, DJ Muggs vs. GZA (2005)

The RZA, GZA, and ODB formed a group in the late '80s named Force of the Imperial Master, which later became the All In Together Now. The fellas cut various tracks as a group, and this track finds GZA and RZA paying homage to the late Ol' Dirty. The All In Together Now later added more members and became known as the Wu-Tang Clan. We hear they're pretty solid.

4. Raekwon, "Ason Jones"

Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II (2009)

You could fill an album with ODB tributes. Most of them have come from fellow clansmen, including this Raekwon doozy from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. Knowing that J Dilla laced this beat adds to the song's emotional aura.

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