10 Houston Songs That Wouldn't Stand A Chance In China

China's Ministry of Culture has ordered that all the country's music-download sites delete 100 songs ththe bureau considers politically offensive, vulgar and/or in poor taste. The list was posted on August 19, and these Web sites have two weeks - so, until Friday - to remove the music or face an unknown punishment.

Among the lucky American artists to have their songs banned by the Chinese government are Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and even the Backstreet Boys. Gaga is in the lead for having six "offensive" songs banned, including her latest single "Edge of Glory." The BSBs' 1999 hit "I Want It That Way" is also seen as a threat to China's national cultural security.

Artists from China and other countries had some of their music banned as well; some songs were strticken because they were never submitted to the mandatory government screening. Rocks Off can only imagine how many people would express how they feel about the Ministry of Culture on Twitter... but Twitter is banned in China as well.

Still, we're pretty sure that these 10 songs from Houston artists would never make the cut in China.

UGK, "Let me See It": This song is the ultimate stripper's anthem, and it can't get any more "culturally offensive" than that. Although the title uses the subliminal "it," Bun B and Pimp C are definitely not talking about seeing your sister's credit score.

Z-Ro, "I Hate You": Although "I Hate You" has a beautiful melody and expresses the pain of a broken-hearted man, the word "bitch" is in the chorus, it would stand a chance getting any play in China.

Kelly Rowland, "Motivation": Houston's own has an U.S. radio hit that oozes sex. Not just any sex, either - the chorus starts with "And when we're done, I don't wanna feel my legs." Leg-numbing sex is surely unacceptable.

Scarface, "Mary Jane": Here Scarface turns to trees as the answer to everything. Glorifying the use of marijuana will have Beijing's Ministry of Culture up in arms.

Big Moe, "Just a Dog": We doubt that China would know how to handle the late, great Big Moe's "big daddy skills" he displays in this song.

Mike Jones, Slim Thug & Paul Wall, "Still Tippin'": This classic collaboration boasts about hoes, slabs and drugs. Thanks, America, for the wonderful freedom of speech.

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Slim Thug, "Thug": Rocks Off's favorite tweeter opens this song with "Slim Thugga Muthafucka!"; as much as we love it, this wouldn't make it pass the 20-second mark of the Ministry of Culture's mandatory screening.

DJ Screw feat. Lil Keke, "Pimp Tha Pen": The Ministry of Culture bans all songs that support youth and women empowerment, so that awesome "showing naked ass in the great state of Texas" line would really make them turn their nose up.

Paul Wall, "Internet Going Nutz": This song would influence the people of China to use the Web to find all the freaks, from Facebook to chat rooms. Uh-uh.

Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone, "Ridin'": This song supports all types of rebellion against the law. China won't give a damn if it won a Grammy.

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