10 Rappers As Movie Villains

Cunning criminals, violent geniuses, charismatic characters. Villains give us chills and keep us on the edge of our seats. With more rappers now dabbling in acting, we decided to cast some of your favorite hip-hoppers as movie villains. Here are ten rappers and their evil alter-egos.

10. Game as Cyrus the Virus Cyrus Grissom is the scary villain in the crime thriller Con Air. A fascinating storm of smarts and scary awesomeness, he's your classic asshole. And like Game who's practically battled every rapper on the planet, Cyrus the Virus was eager to pick a fight with anyone and anything. At one point he held a toy bunny at gun point. A frickin' toy rabbit.

9. Canibus as Riddler This villain is a well-oiled engine of rage who enjoys needling foes with mental riddles. Canibus would fit nicely in the Riddler's Bishop Don "Magic" Juan-esque pimp suit.

8. 50 Cent as Darth Vader Like Vader, Fif is a wildly despised general with a speech impediment. The G-Unit head honcho is rap's undisputed Lord of the Dark Side.

7. Ice Cube as Hannibal Lecter So what if Cube isn't as as venomous as he was in his N.W.A. days. He'll still make your favorite rapper pee all over himself on a "Good Day" without even using his A.K.

6. Suge Knight as the Shark in Jaws Oh, how quickly rappers learn that it ain't safe to swim in the waters of Death Row Records. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Crooked I are living proof that Suge Knight devours careers like Jaws devours flesh. Hey, has anyone seen Vanilla Ice lately?

5. Nicki Minaj as Catwoman This one's a no-brainer: Nicki Minaj as a seductive rapstress who uses her sex appeal as a powerful weapon to confuse the competition. Remind you of D.C. Comics' feline anti-heroine?

4. Eminem as The Joker Em is just as mischievous and witty as the smiling nutcase in the Batman franchise. A bizarre sense of humor rounds out the similarities between Slim Shady and The Joker.

3. Bushwick Bill as Chucky H-town's own Bushwick Bill has always referred to himself as lil Chucky. Why would you want to argue with that? Add the barrage of twisted rhymes ("Damn near crazy, I went and grabbed the baby/Held him by the door and said I'ma throw his ass out, hoe") and that self-inflicted gunshot wound and you're looking at the world's scariest four-foot rapper ever.

2. Kanye West as Two-Face Kanye West is one of the most conflicted figures in hip-hop. He's raising awareness one moment and perpetuating stereotypes the next. West has finally come into his own identity, but on his first outing he was caught somewhere between moving minds and moving behinds. Admittedly, those songs helped him right his wrongs.

1. Diddy as Norman Bates Choir boy smile. Immense intelligence. Multiple identity disorder. Diddy completely embodies the bad guy in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Norman Bates. And Bad Boy Records is the music industry equivalent of Bates Hotel, a place where careers go to die.

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