10 Things We're Probably Doing At ACL This Year

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This is the Rocks Off team's (well, Craig Hlavaty and Chris Gray) fifth year covering the Austin City Limits Music Festival. The first year this smart guy wore black jeans and a black shirt to try to look cool, which made him chafe like an eighth-grader. The second year we stripped down to swim shorts and a V-neck. The third we tried not to eat too much mud and spoil our dinner. Last year we didn't even get to get stoned during Phish, which was a shame.

2011 marks ACL's 10th anniversary, a time span that has seen a rise of other Texas-based fests looking to steal its crown, with Houston's own Free Press Summer Fest the best candidate. Fun Fun Fun Fest, which just moved to Austin's Audtitorium Shores grounds, is the ACL for folks who get matching Misfits tattoos on their wedding day, and own more than one sleeveless black denim vest.

Needless to say, we love FFFF, and can't wait for the weather to cool off so we can bust out our own sleeveless wonder.

Each year covering festivals is a learning process. The first day you suss out your surroundings, make friends with the security people, meet up with media colleagues, and try not to drink too much.

This year, Rocks Off has already done Summer Fest, SXSW, The Hangout Festival in Alabama and Identity Festival. We are looking forward to BestFest (BUY YOUR DAMNED TICKETS NOW), and Voodoo in New Orleans, where we will finally see Soundgarden.

What bedevilment will we get into this weekend, you ask? Well, you can follow our Twitter stream, and check the blog daily to see what we have been seeing and loving, of course. Also, be sure to download an app on your phone so you can check the Austin Police Department's scanner after ACL lets out every night.

Getting stuck watching a band no one will care about in six months.

(Foster The People)

Singing along to every song in Kanye's set.

(We do listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at least once a week.)
Walking down to Austin Java and smoking a pack of cigarettes.
(That's what Snus is for.)
Carrying around a dip cup and a bandolier of Skoal.
('Sup, ladies?)

Stuffing our backpack with free multi-grain bars from the media tent.

(Gotta keep regular.)
If Randy Newman plays "You've Got A Friend In Me," probably getting all teary and calling our little brother just to say hello.
("Jake, what's up? Nah, I don't need bail money. Just saying yo.")
During Death From Above 1979, stealing only the sandals we can carry from the mosh pit.
(Size 10, anyone?)

Giggling when we hear a photog ask Stevie Wonder to "Look over here!" as he walks around backstage.

(He's blind, and cannot see.)
Starting a rumor that Jack White is playing with Wanda Jackson during her set.
("I totally saw him at Jackalope last night, dudes.")

See Also: Secret Sisters - Ed.

Running up to Cee-Lo in the media tent and making fart noises with our lips on his tummy.
(It's an open bar, folks.)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.