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10 Years' Brian Vodinh: "We're a Little Darker at Times"

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Vodinh doesn't regret his time with Universal, though. It served its purpose, and the band stands behind the music that its made, both then and now.

"It was great to have a major label to get established, to get our foot in the door," he says. "But it came to a point where, if we were going to really get gratification from writing a record and if we wanted, we had to do this on our own. That was the only way we were going to create something that we really believed in. Our band always kind of knew that."

10 Years' life on the road isn't what it used to be, though. Vodinh and vocalist Jesse Hasek both have daughters, who are always at the forefront of their minds. Bassist Lewis Cosby isn't even currently on tour with 10 Years and is instead at home with his pregnant wife.

"Being away is definitely difficult, and it's really tough once you have kids than it is now," Vodinh says. "When we were 22, being away was so much different. Now, there's just so much more to think about now and a lot more to miss."

"We love being out here and doing what we do, but getting home is very, very special," Vodinh adds. "When you're a band bitch, when you're living with 10 other guys on a bus, and you're out together, every day, for months at a time... that lifestyle gets you worn out and fed up, which can affect your performance.

"And if people are going to pay their hard-earned money for a ticket to see you play, you want to be able to give them 100 percent," he continues. "Staying out for months at a time and killing yourself on the road is kind of counterproductive to a point."

For now, the band is rested and ready for the weekend, when Vodinh and the rest of 10 Years plan to give fans their money's worth.

Buzzfest XXIX is Saturday, October 6 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, 2005 Lake Robbins Dr., The Woodlands. Gates open at noon.

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