11 Albums with 11 in the Title at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11

Personally, we're all pretty sick of the whole 11/11/11 thing. We know that "it goes to 11!" (thanks, Nigel) and it's funny how numbers work, but internet nerds seem to love it. So, in honor of all you nerds, we give you 11 albums with 11 in the title.

Just for you, we even posted this at 11:11:11. Yeah, it's like that.

Eleven - 12-Pistepirkko

Nice tigers.

Eleven - Reamonn

Bonus points for creative use of neon.

Eleven - DJ DMD

"How much more black could it be? The answer is none; none more black."

Eleven - Quique Neira

Seriously, why can't we look this awesome?

Eleven - Deb Pasternak

Hair is an important component of this woman's album covers.

Eleven - Incognito

If you want to go with Incognito, you might choose a different wall.

Eleven - Eleven

Too. Many. Elevens!

Eleven - Harry Connick Jr.

Yes, he was actually eleven when he recorded this.

Eleven - Martina McBride

Best eleven cover ever!

Finger Eleven - Finger Eleven

It's almost a relief this isn't just called "Eleven," isn't it?

Welcome to Eleven Hundred Springs - Eleven Hundred Springs

Ok, technically, this is 1100, but you'll survive.

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