11 Musical New Year's Resolutions For 2011

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Craig's Hlist stopped making New Year's Eve resolutions the older and more stubborn we got. We normally don't quit or change things forever unless we are forced to do so. ('Sup, ladies?) This makes it hard for us to keep any New Year's Eve resolutions. If anything, it's easier to change organically along the way. This is the same reason heroin addicts have to be weaned off dope with methadone.

But that doesn't mean CHL doesn't have things we wants to change about ourselves. Temper, eating bad food, sleeping too much, not enough gym time, keeping in touch with old friends, these are all things that we want to remedy. We could be calmer, eat more veggies, skip the bar for the YMCA, and call our old friends on the way home from work at least once a week.

Will CHL do all that, though? Well, we will just have to see what 2011 has in store for us. Things are going to get pretty odd the first two months, we can tell you that much.

"A New Day," Killing Joke: Let's start the year brand new on Saturday morning... er, afternoon, more than likely. Hopefully Killing Joke will be in Texas this year too.

"Save It For Later," The English Beat: It's time to start saving money and not spending it like a white-trash version of Brewster's Millions. How many pocket knives do you really need?

"Wake Up," Arcade Fire: How is that we go to sleep early and we still wake up late? No more. We need to start waking up earlier.

"Old Habits Die Hard," Mick Jagger: Whether it's smoking, bad food, or bad people, some habits will need to get shut down in 2011.

"Simmer Down," The Wailers: We had a temper in 2010, and but if we want to make 2011 smooth, it's time to simmer down.

"Firework," Katy Perry: In 2011, CHL resolves to do more illegal fireworks, and to also allot an hour a day at work for looking at pictures of Katy Perry on Tumblr.

"Note To Self: Don't Die" Ryan Adams: CHL is only four months from leaving his 27th year. This isn't a time to be a hero, and you are aren't the Lizard King, you cannot do everything. Let's live to see May, or even November. Cool?

"Christian Brothers," Elliott Smith: No resolution, CHL just thinks you should like this song as much as he does.

"Roadrunner" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers: CHL wants to travel more. This cubicle is cool and all, but our ass is starting to fuse to the cloth on the office chair.

"Graceland," Paul Simon: Maybe we will go visit Graceland and see about this Elvis Presley guy. Apparently this Paul Simon guy was really influenced by Vampire Weekend too.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.