17 Albums That Smell Better Than The Corpse Flower

Unless you have been living under a rock or maybe an underpass off 290, you no doubt know about the mania surrounding the corpse flower over at the Houston Museum of Natural Science that is poised to bloom this week sometime. Hell, it could bloom right now as we type this.

Lois the corpse flower now has its own fictional Twitter account with almost 500 followers, plus it has renewed interest in the museums plant exhibits. Sadly as soon as she blooms, people will probably forget about its existence like that big soccer tournament thing. What was it called again, the Planet Soccer Deal or something? All we know is that you could drink while watching it. The day that the museum opens a bar or has a taco truck out front, we'll talk.

When the flower blooms, it is supposed to let out an awful, death-like stench, akin to clove cigarettes or Numbers on a Friday night (hence the name). Folks have been lining up at the museum to smell a stinky flower. Gotta love America.

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Of course, Rocks Off had to dig out our 15 favorite floral album covers - including ol' Willie up there - for you to scroll through while you watch the live feed from the museum. If you are on a Mac, you are probably screwed.... sorry.

We hear the feed is also pretty wonky at times. Your best bet is to leave work and just watch the flower. Tell your boss you are having diarrhea or something. That works for us all the time.

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