1992 Redo: DJ Flea and Dat Boi T Give Underground Artists (and Listener) a Free Weekly Music Platform

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It's something we haven't addressed yet, but it's been brought up numerous times in our talks with Houston's underground Latino rappers. When Univision's hip-hop stations in Houston went away this last decade, so did those artists' airwave platform. But sometimes you have to look back in order to know how to map forward. That's what Southeast's Dat Boi T and Missouri City's DJ Flea decided to do. They are bringing something back from 1992. "Just like DJ Screw did it," Dat Boi T tells Rocks Off . "Screw always said 'If the radio ain't gonna play it, I'm gonna play it.' That's what we wanna do. The radio is so fucked right now and it's playing nothin' but bullshit. We gotta hold it down for all these underground artists that are in the studio day-in and day-out and making music for the streets." A couple of weeks ago, T and Flea released the first of a free, soon-to-be-weekly mixtape download called "Bring It Back," and it's open to all underground artists of all colors and sides of Houston to submit their best work. Email tracks to BringItBackmp3@gmail.com. "Bring it Back" will be "Slowed Down and Chopped" - not "Screwed and Chopped" because Flea is paying a rare respect. If it's not "Screwed" by Screw himself, then it isn't Screw. We have to say that the first one was a respectable first release. You can download it here. Rocks Off did, and our-already-scared neighbors will have more of a reason to think a demon with a really deep voice lives with us. Reasons to download it?

  • If you like Bun B, Middle Fingaz and Z-Ro, those are the only three that you need. But let us give you a couple more.
  • "Kush," featuring T, Stunna, GT Garza and Bunz, is a real nice opening track. Rosenberg's Bunz gives you a little bit of what's coming in his upcoming projects. We're excited about this cat.
  • "Drank Sippa," featuring Arizona's G-Moe, has a real tough sample from J-Dawg.

But our favorite line of the whole mixtape comes from Lucky Luciano on T's "I'm So Throwed" track, which has a sick Pimp C sample from "Gitcha Mind Right":

I got my foot up on they neck/ Man, my new name is Houston Press and all I do is represent/ Screwed Up, Tex written on my flesh.

The best way to keep abreast of Bring It Back developments is to follow both T and DJ Flea on Twitter. Speaking of free music... Friday's V-Zilla piece has received so much love that we can't help but let you know where to get some of his work for the price of... on the house. Download:

The Day the Game Changed, Vol. 3 Stay Focused (overseas edition) Zilla's new exclusive online tracks. Must listen: "There Will Be Blood." He spit it and produced it without a pen or pad. Tell us after you listen to it that he isn't one of the coldest MC's in the South and we'll slap you.

We leave you today with a video posted on our MySpace by Northwest's Trails. Trails, Villain, Sen and Qua put together a track called "Game I'm In." Real talk... they address major losses in their life.

"The song is dedicated to anyone who has lost someone or has a friend or family member locked up," Trails tells Rocks Off. "I try to not rap about flashy stuff. I keep my music real hood and realistic. I think that separates me from a lot of people. "The older generation, like Low-G, Ikeman, and Filero, have respect for my music, and I have respect for them, so u can expect to hear their influence and voices in my music." Free music and a video you can watch all day. Admit it. Monday just got a whole lot better.

Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of www.redbrownandblue.com. Follow him on MySpace and Twitter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.