2 Become 1: Musical Match-Ups We'd Like To See

Kanye "Hitler" West and Jay-Z released their (overused music writer word alert) epic Watch the Throne album this week, to mostly great reviews. This fall the first fruits from the recently announced Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration should be on the store shelves, which still sorta weirds us out. Bob Dylan was flanked by Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers at the Grammy Awards a few months back, which made the collective Neo-Americana world cream their Depression-era dungarees.

Jack White has worked with Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson with winning results, and Leon Russell and his biggest fan Elton John joined forces for last year's The Union, which introduced a new generation to Mr. Russell and also gave John a few cool points in our book. The Tennessee music festival Bonnaroo hosts late-night jam sessions with people like Dr. John and Dan Auerbach, breeding match-ups that thrill stoned fans till the sun comes up.

We made a list of collabs we would want to see, if record labels and ties were no problem, and we could play the industry like a Sims game. "Sim Svengali," if you will. You can even unlock a secret Clive Davis avatar that will give millions of dollars to has-beens.

Arctic Monkeys & Bobby Gillespie: After last week's gig at House of Blues, the blistering Monkeys shown themselves to be remade as a hard rock and blues act, a far cry from the bopping indie-rockers of 2006. Who better to add spice to their new stuff than Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie? The former Jesus & Mary Chain drummer could be a perfect older foil to the band. Our second choice was Ian Astbury of The Cult.

Animal Collective & Brian Wilson: This is one that has always intrigued us. We can hear beachy melodies in the Animal Collective's stuff, even if we aren't total converts. Hearing Wilson sing over their electric din would be fun.

Adele & Brian Eno: Adele's smash disc, 21, was produced in part by Rick Rubin, who can make anyone sound godly with his team of engineers. Now, Eno could bathe her vocals in eerie strings and keyboards, turning her scorched earth soul into something from space.

Florence + the Machine & Trent Reznor: We have heard that the Oscar-winner and Nine Inch Nails architect is a fan. Not sure what he would do with her, maybe something along the lines of Siouxsie & the Banshees, we presume.

My Morning Jacket & Prince: MMJ's 2008 LP Evil Urges was a love letter to Prince, and melding the two brains, Prince's and Jim James', would melt our brains. Or be very cheesy and cringe-worthy.

Tyler, The Creator/Odd Future & Thurston Moore: Noise is fun, and this is a odd (pardon the pun) couple from Hell. It's only a matter of time before the OFWGKTA boys pick up guitars. And beat the shit out of someone with them, because... fuck you.

Blake Shelton & Kris Kristofferson: Shelton has always reminded us of the golden age of gruff singer-songwriters, and Kristofferson fits the mold. Stranger things have happened. Dave Matthews wrote a song with Kenny Chesney, you know.

Against Me! & Bruce Springsteen: Yeah, The Boss has played onstage with the Gaslight Anthem, but Against Me! has more actual songs in our eyes. Plus, their lead singer Tom Gabel is sort of a new generation's Bruce as it is, without the Born In The U.S.A., obviously.

Man Man & Tom Waits:There would be no conventional instruments onstage and you would be stopped at the door if you weren't dressed like a hobo.

Band Of Horses & Neil Young: Like Pearl Jam before them, Band of Horses would make a great youthful group behind Neil Young, whose last album was a noise record filtered through his own legend. Thjink about the thundering harmonies! The beards! The ripped jeans!

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