Texas Smoke Break Returns to White Oak Music Hall

2 Chainz headlined the second annual Texas Smoke Break
2 Chainz headlined the second annual Texas Smoke Break Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright
“Put one finger in the air if you have any haters!” yelled 2 Chainz as he walked across the White Oak stage. “As a matter of fact, put two in the air. I just tell them look at you…”

The College Park rapper trailed off as the piano intro from his song with Lil Wayne, "Rich As Fuck," filled the room and the crowd began to chant the hook.

Saturday marked the second annual Texas Smoke Break powered by Gas Gods. Gas Gods, a luxury brand dedicated to educating people on all thing cannabis, put on the concert last year with Larry June, Bun B, Slim Thug, Le$, Big Jade, Polyester The Saint, Maxo Kream, Devin the Dude, DJ Mr. Rogers, and Marqus Clae. This year they returned with the second annual edition of the concert with 2 Chainz, Dom Kennedy, DJ Drama, Monaleo, DJ Chose, Le$, OTB Fastlane, OG Ron C, The ChopStars, and more.

While last year’s event was spread out across the lawn of White Oak to provide extra COVID protections, this year’s relaxed protocols brought the concert indoors. For many fans it was one of the first major concerts they have been to in the last two years. The same could be said for some of the artists.
“This is my first time out of town in like three years,” laughed Dom Kennedy as he set a bottle of champagne on the DJ booth. “Someone can open that why I come and vibe with y’all. I got on a plane after almost three years to come out here and vibe with y’all”

The vibe was set by the varying performances. Martina Marie and Stunna Bam led a roster of 1501 Certified through a series of mixtape hits while OTB Fastlane gave fans a taste of his growing catalog of music. Slim Thug and his DJ Got Damn Sam ran through his classics and then brought out Le$ perform BHO Sessions of his latest release, BIGslim. DJ Choose showed his skills in production and rapping as he went through a string of hits propelled by social media.

“I was in quarantine looking at TikTok,” as he reminisced and laughed while introducing his duet with Beatking, Thick. “I just kept seeing so many women on there and got inspired.”

With more performances from Lil Keke, Monaleo, The Hardy Boys, Jillyanais, and a set from DJ Drama where he brought out his own group of artists there was more than enough entertainment for concert goers. However, the Texas Smoke Break wasn’t just about entertainment.

In between performances there were documentary style videos speaking about the rise of the brand and issues facing legalization. One video spoke about the importance of equity programs that have been implemented with states that have legalized marijuana and if the idea of true equity is myth or fact.

With the Texas Smoke Break, Gas Gods continue their mission to challenge the perception of what it means to be a cannabis consumer. The last two outings give Houstonians something to look forward to for years to come.
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