2 Mixtapes & 1 Beat Battle: A Busy Underground-Rap Saturday

This weekend, Boy A and Boy B participated in their first soccer game. It was brilliantly entertaining.

At one point, Boy B turned to a player on his own team, began talking shit ("I'm too fast, you're too slow"), then picked up the ball and took off running, shouting "JUMP SHOT! JUMP SHOT!" At another point, Boy A ran clean off of the field and onto another adjacent field to kick a ball in play during a wholly separate game. That shit was amazing. Little Brian Chings, they are not.

As such, Saturday morning was spent doing our very best to mask embarassment with enthusiasm. We weren't expecting them to score six goals or anything, but we were at least expecting them to stay on their field. But Saturday night was a tad more productive.

Rocks Off spent approximately six hours and 15 minutes at and/or driving to rap events here in Houston. In chronological order, there was Authentic Snoopy's Everything Ain't Enuff mixtape release party at SF2 North, DJ Castle and DJ Demo's The Come-Up mixtape release party at Republika, and the Space City Beat Battle at Warehouse Live's Green Room. Some categorized notes from each one, 3-2-1 style.

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Shea Serrano