2008 HPMA Winner List

Well, here it is. Congrats to nominees and winners alike. - Chris Gray

Best Local Album: UGK, Underground Kingz

Best Local Song: UGK feat. OutKast, “Int’l Player’s Anthem (I Choose You)”

Local Musician(s) of the Year: UGK

Best Mainstream Hip-Hop: UGK

Best Songwriter: John Evans

2008 HPMA Winner List

Tontons/photo by Jim Bricker

Best New Act: Tontons

Best Male Vocalist: Felipe Galvan (Los Skarnales)

Best Female Vocalist: Katie Stuckey

2008 HPMA Winner List

Sideshow Tramps/photo by Brandon K. Hernsberger

Best Neo-Folk: Sideshow Tramps

Best Drummer: Shane Lauder (Born Liars, Sideshow Tramps)

Best Miscellaneous Instrument: Geoffrey Muller (Sideshow Tramps, Umbrella Man, Pistoleros de Tejas)

Best Bassist: Nick Gaitan (Umbrella Man, Billy Joe Shaver)

Best Guitarist: Tony Vega

2008 HPMA Winner List

Los Skarnales/photo by Daniel Kramer

Best Punk: Los Skarnales

Best Rock en Espanol: Los Skarnales

Best Experimental: Studemont Project

Best Latin Traditional: Mango Punch!

Best Latin Contemporary: Karina Nistal

Best Underground Hip-Hop: Fat Tony

2008 HPMA Winner List

Spain Colored Orange/photo by Brandon K. Hernsberger

Best Indie Rock: Spain Colored Orange

Best Keyboard Player: Gilbert Alfaro (Spain Colored Orange)

Best R&B/Funk/Soul: Fondue Monks

Best Zydeco: Zydeco Dots

Best DJ: DJ Red

2008 HPMA Winner List

D.R.U.M./photo by Jim Bricker

Best World Music: D.R.U.M.

Best Cover Band: Molly & the Ringwalds

Best Tribute Band: Beetle

2008 HPMA Winner List

Black Math Experiment/photo by Brandon K. Hernsberger

Best Unclassifiable Band: Black Math Experiment

Best Metal: Golden Axe

Best Alt-Rock Band: Skyblue 72

Best Country: Katie Stuckey and the Swagger

Best Roots Rock: Flamin’ Hellcats

2008 HPMA Winner List

Flying Fish Sailors/photo by Brigitte B. Zabak

Best Traditional Folk: Flying Fish Sailors

Best Jazz: Free Radicals w/Harry Sheppard

Write-in Categories

Best new club: Boondocks

Best Live Music Venue: Warehouse Live

Best Record Store: Cactus Music

Best Instrument/Equipment Store: Guitar Center

Best Radio Station: KPFT (90.1 FM)

Best Local Music Radio Program: Rod Ryan Show, KTBZ (94.5 FM)

Best Local Label: Mia Kat Empire


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