2009 Concert Rewind, April: Springsteen, Jandek, Morrissey, The Faint, iFest, Cake... and Nickelback

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Kevin and Dustin Welch, McGonigel's Mucky Duck, April 2: "Dustin (son of Kevin) Welch stunned the sparse crowd at the Duck last night from the first note of "One False Move," the brilliant opener to his new album, Whisky Priest. While the graying crowd had mostly come to hear the father, young Dustin took advantage of his six-song set to wow some new fans into his corner." William Michael Smith Stephen Lynch, Verizon Wireless Theater, April 4: "No matter how many unruly, drunken fans shouted for their favorite songs, Lynch was able to head them off with either a goofy response like the previous example, or a short, sharp retort ('I am not a jukebox, assholes!') without seeming resentful." John Seaborn Gray Copeland, This Providence, Brooke Waggoner, JavaJazz, April 5: "Copeland gradually increased the set's momentum, as the songs got quicker and quicker until the show ended on a high note with the appropriately named 'You Have My Attention.'" Meredith Baker Jandek, Rudyard's, April 5: "A one-song, 75-minute atomic funk explosion by way of the Knitting Factory was about the last thing Aftermath would have guessed, but that's exactly what he and the rest of the crowd packed into Rudyard's upstairs got." Chris Gray

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Toyota Center, April 8: "Between [Danny] Federici and [Clarence] Clemons, mortality has to have been on the band's mind quite a bit over the past year, and several songs - both new and old - dealt with defiance, determination or hope of better days: 'No Surrender,' 'Waitin' On a Sunny Day,' 'Working On a Dream,' 'The Wrestler,' 'The Rising.'" Chris Gray

Bamboozle Roadshow, House of Blues, April 9: "After the concert, the bands took pictures with fans outside and many girls, hoping to get some one-on-one time, lingered around the tour buses for a good hour until the police finally asked them to leave at 1 a.m. so the bands could head to Oklahoma." Meredith Baker

Morrissey, Jones Hall, April 11: "Besides the whole shirt-removal thing, Morrissey wielded the microphone cord like Indiana Jones' whip, and really worked the Tom Jones/Vegas angle to the hilt when he asked various people in the front row 'Where are you from?'" Chris Gray

Nickelback, Toyota Center, April 16: "Now to make it clear right off the bat to everyone, we were not swayed by the show last evening at a packed Toyota Center, which seemed to buckle deeper into the ground under all the silicone enhancement dotting the largely female crowd. This will not be an apologist recanting his dislike for Nickelback." Craig Hlavaty

Houston International Festival, Downtown Houston, April 18-19: "If you work in the media, you tend to think you know a lot of people. Well, it only took me ten minutes of pinballing my way through the marketing area and up the byways to the World Stage to get the feeling you don't know anybody in this town." William Michael Smith

The Faint, Ladytron, Warehouse Live, April 20: "This isn't to say that what Ladytron and the Faint have doing now for lo these many years is without a hook or a heartbeat. It's just that their fans have not let them leave that state of play." Craig Hlavaty

Mates of State, Black Kids, Warehouse Live, April 29: "They make music for just-married white college graduates who are spending their first summer together in their new house in the gentrified section of Anytown, USA, and now one of them is sick and wants chicken soup. Lots of da-da-das and do-dee-dops." Brandon K. Hernsberger

Cake, Verizon Wireless Theater, April 29: "Part of Cake's appeal has always been its quirkiness and even dearness. They fused elements from Wall of Voodoo, Herb Alpert, and '90s hipster lounge culture to whip up a sound that has shone through the entire post-grunge morass." Craig Hlavaty

Neon Collars, Rocbar, April 30: "With a heavy funk groove, guitar equally rooted in jazz and rock and soulful vocals as fierce as anything Sasha could belt out, Neon Collars makes you wonder - happily, for once - what they're teaching in the schools these days." Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.