2009 Concert Rewind, May: No Doubt, Dave Matthews, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Earle, Fischerspooner, Bob Log and, Um, BuzzFest

Dave Matthews Band, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, May 1: "It's hard to label what exactly they do, but it can't be called 'jam.' As limitless and expansive the bands who get stuck in that genre may be, folks like String Cheese Incident, O.A.R. and Dispatch cannot hold a flickering lighter up to what the DMB does each night." Craig Hlavaty Fleetwood Mac, Toyota Center, May 2: "[Stevie] Nicks' status as one of rock's top-tier icons, both musically and visually, tends to divert attention away from the fact that her three bandmates are all monsters on their respective instruments, which was nevertheless plain as day watching them pound out 'The Chain,' 'Tusk" or 'Go Your Own Way.'" Chris Gray Flight of the Conchords, Jones Hall, May 6: "Jemaine and Bret opened the show in their signature makeshift robot gear, bathed in delicate light, to perform 'Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor.'" Craig Hlavaty Mark Germino, Heritage Place, Conroe, May 7: "In the rocking category, the band blew the roof off the outdoor theater with torrid versions of 'Burning The Firehouse Down,' 'Finest Brand of Southern Degeneracy,' 'Married Man" and the hilarious 'She's a Mystery.' William Michael Smith Buzzfest, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, May 10: "As the day progressed, the crowd became thicker with shirtless men and girls in bikinis. Everyone was too lost in the buzz of the beer and energetic music to notice all the sweat that was being shared." Meredith Baker Fake Problems, Born Anchor, Walter's on Washington, May 11: "Fake Problems met Bruce Springsteen while the band was touring with Against Me! and the Riverboat Gamblers a few years back. We don't know what it is about merely meeting the Boss, but it seems every band that shakes the damn dude's hand gets imparted some sort of innate cosmic musical knowledge through osmosis." Craig Hlavaty Elvis Perkins In Dearland, Walter's on Washington, May 13: "Elvis Perkins, sly as a foxtrot, sings folk music that like sounds old people disguised as a dance floor - like ba ba ba, or skip-to-my loo. Bring in the ironic headbands, or: folk singers talk like nice people, probably because they totally love all up on Jesus." Brandon K. Hernsberger Bonnie Raitt, Verizon Wireless Theater, May 14: "Bonnie Raitt sure gets Texas music. She could almost be the female Delbert McClinton, in fact, except that Delbert's songs generally don't get made into Julia Roberts movies." Chris Gray Fischerspooner, House of Blues, May 16: "Fischerspooner turns music into strobe lights shot from fingers through eyeballs reflected off mirrors shaped like spandex on the legs of an art-school giant with skin that resembles white powder that, when snorted, becomes a tattoo made of sex." Brandon K. Hernsberger

Video by Craig Hlavaty
Steve Earle, Cactus Music, May 16:

"Judging from his night-owl pallor, Earle probably doesn't give his best performances at 5 p.m. on a muggy May Saturday afternoon. But he delighted a wrist-banded crowd of several hundred with great songs, funny, telling anecdotes, and a raised-in-Texas attitude."

William Michael SmithForgive Durden, JavaJazz, May 19:

"Forgive Durden deserves credit for being on the vanguard of an undertaking like this [a full-blown musical] in the indie scene. While the audience didn't give the band much to feed off (it was a relatively small crowd), the show still deserved more attention than it received."

Meredith BakerBrave Combo, Discovery Green, May 21:

"Whether tykes in diapers, broughams in "Czech This Out!" T-shirts or silver foxes well past AARP age, few in the audience were shy about dancing (or could withstand Combo spokesman Carl Finch's relentless hectoring to come down front)."

Chris GrayGavin Rossdale, House of Blues, May 25:

"You know that


episode about muffin tops? Solo songs = the stumps. 'Comedown' = muffin top."

Brandon K. HernsbergerBob Log III, Meridian, May 27:

"About a quarter to midnight Wednesday, Aftermath sent the following text message: 'Somebody's top's coming off tonight, and it ain't gonna be mine.' Log's pants had long since come off, leaving the Tucson one-man band clad in his signature motorcycle helmet, gold lame bodysuit and no underwear - it's not like Aftermath was really looking, but it was pretty obvious."

Chris GrayNo Doubt, Paramore, The Sounds, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, May 31:

"Did we mention how feminine this show was? The crowd had to have been three-fourths of the lady persuasion, with a smattering of fathers and erstwhile punk rockers dotting the crowd."

Craig Hlavaty

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