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2010's Hottest Wedding Jams: Aventura, Lady Gaga, Pantera(!?)

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In the immortal words of Vince Vaughan, "Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye" "It's wedding season, kid!" Whether you're taking the plunge yourself, in the bridal or groom's party or just crashing, Rocks Off thinks knowing what you'll be dancing to at the reception is just as important as where to register. We called a few Houston-area wedding DJs this morning and got them to tell us a few of their most-requested songs of (mostly) recent vintage. And for the record, in the unlikely event Rocks Off should ever get married ourselves, we're sticking with Emmylou Harris' version of Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" for our first dance. We figure there'll be plenty of time for slow-dancing later... we hope so, anyway. If you have a particularly fond (or not-so-fond) wedding-dance memory, please share it in the comments. Aventura (anything): "I DJed not too long ago at Rice University, and I was surprised that a couple of the girls asked for that," says Paul Cantu of Fuselink DJs (832-524-5124, www.fuselinkdjs.com). "Being in college, you'd think they wouldn't want that, but they actually danced to some of the salsa - bachata, it's called. Anything from them, they love. It's faster, upbeat and it's couples dancing together, more shaking the hips." Brooks & Dunn, "Neon Moon": "I can be anywhere, and I play that song and people get on the dance floor," says Sam Reyes of Awesome Music Entertainment (281-827-7528, www.awesomemusicentertainment.com). "Someone requested it at an event with Asians - I'm serious. I said, 'Are you sure?' and they're like, 'Yeah, play it.' I played it and the dance floor was full." Cupid, "Cupid Shuffle": "It doesn't matter if I'm DJing for Hispanics or the white community or the black community. That's one of the songs that's still requested most." (Paul Cantu) Heartland, "I Loved Her First": "That's very, very popular with fathers giving away [brides]. It's more the cocktail music when people are eating, and then I tend to move on to the upbeat dancing songs. As far as slow songs, it's mostly country that I DJ." (Paul Cantu) Michael Jackson (anything): "It don't matter. If I'm in front of Indians, if I'm in front of Latinos, whites, blacks, Michael Jackson - especially after he passed - man, I'm telling you, I can play Michael Jackson to anybody." (Sam Reyes) Ke$ha, "Tik Tok": "I get asked for that song at almost every single wedding I play," says Jodie Boyte, who runs Enchanted Wedding DJs (832-226-6565, www.enchantedweddingdjs.com) with her husband, James. "That's one of the newer, faster, upbeat songs." Lady Gaga, "Just Dance": "That's still requested at all the weddings I DJ, I guess because it's upbeat. [Requests] tend to stick to more upbeat songs that are popular on the radio than anything else." (Paul Cantu) Lady Gaga, "Poker Face": "I play it for adults as well as young kids, and everybody seems to like it. It gets people on the dance floor. People like the song. It attracts both spectrums of age." (Sam Reyes) Lil Wayne, "Bedrock"/Ludacris, "How Low": "I guess they're considered more bump-and-grind type of songs. The BPMs are a little bit slower, but as far as who I'm DJing for, they tend to stick to that music." (Paul Cantu) Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours": "I get asked for it all the time. It's a pretty contemporary song, real good song too. They play it on several different stations like 104, 97.5, 96.5, Sunny 99.1. It's a very versatile song. Everybody pretty much plays it on every station you can think of." (Jodie Boyte) Brad Paisley, "Then": "I do so many weddings, the brides are so different, but I can say that that song I pretty much get asked for by every bride. It's a beautiful love song." (Jodie Boyte) Pantera, "Domination": "Two weeks ago, the groomsmen and the bride asked me to play a song from Pantera. That was hard...core... rock. Me and my partner were really tripping out. All of a sudden, everybody starts slam-dancing in the middle of the dance floor. I tried to record it on my phone, but I wasn't fast enough." (Paul Cantu) Josh Turner, "Why Don't We Just Dance": "A lot of times with weddings, you want to play something that sets the mood. You don't want to play anything that's too mellow, and you don't want to play anything that's too uptempo. You just want to keep stuff fun, because you have family and friends there. You want to keep the momentum going; you want to keep that ambience. As long as you play stuff that people listen to, that they're accustomed to, then they have a great time." (Jodie Boyte)

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