2013 RULES: David Bowie Announces New Album and Single

Late Monday just before midnight, the music world and social media stood agog as David Bowie's official Web site teased a new album, set for a March release, entitled The Next Day, produced by Tony Visconti.

Fuckin' Tony Visconti. Just check out his discography why don't ya? Just half of Bowie's catalog and T. Rex. NBD.

Funny enough, this all occurred on his birthday. Mr. Bowie turns 66 today, January 8.

It even came with a freaky new video for a song called "Where Are We Now?" directed by Tony Oursler with Bowie standing in an art studio while two puppets sang.

The song isn't bad, kinda languid and mournful. It's not to far removed from his Heathen and Reality stuff. His voice, though, has proven to be ageless.

Bowie had all but been written off as a retiree these past few years since his massive 2004 tour and after suffering a heart attack. Rolling Stone even had him on a 2013 tours wishlist slideshow, begging for a "farewell show."

I think I go through a mean Bowie phase at least once every other month.

With a March album release, this could naturally mean SXSW appearances, and maybe even a later tour. Fuck it, he should play ACL. And Coachella too, which has been rumored since November. We're getting ahead of ourselves here...

No dates or news on that front have been revealed, if those things will even come to pass. He hasn't even said he will do press for this project yet.

Bowie was last in Houston on April 29, 2004 up at the shed in the Woodlands. Stellar set list too: 26 songs, tons of hits.

Welcome back, Mr. Bowie. And happy birthday.

The Next Day Tracklist (via Consequence Of Sound)

Note: Holy shit, there are two songs about space.

01. The Next Day 02. Dirty Boys 03. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 04. Love Is Lost 05. Where Are We Now? 06. Valentine's Day 07. If You Can See Me 08. I'd Rather Be High 09. Boss Of Me 10. Dancing Out In Space 11. How Does The Grass Grow 12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire 13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die 14. Heat Deluxe Tracks: 15. So She 16. I'll Take You There 17. Plan

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