25 Weird And/Or Hilarious Soccer Chants

Rocks Off spent June 2006 in Salamanca, Spain during the World Cup, and we can tell you it's difficult to exaggerate what an event this is to pretty much every country in the world but America. (Although the U.S. is reportedly gaining.) While watching the games, we would leave the window open and listen from our eighth-floor apartment to the cheers, shouts, and noisemakers every time Spain scored a goal.

Fireworks were involved many times, and one dude on a balcony across the plaza plugged in his guitar and ripped some solos in celebration. The most popular chant in Spain, one we heard pretty much every day we were there, was as follows:

A por ellos, ohhh ayyy,

A por ellos, ohhh ayyy;

A por ellos, ohhh ayyy,

A por ellos, ayyy ohhh ayyy!

Nobody had any idea what it meant, and we're not just talking about the Americans; none of the Spaniards knew what the hell it meant, either. It was just what you shouted when your team spirit became too much to hold inside. It's not anywhere near the weirdest soccer chant out there, as you are about to see.

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John Seaborn Gray