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30 Seconds With Breathe Carolina's David Schmitt

Breathe Carolina also plays an in-store at Vinyl Junkie Distro at noon tomorrow.

Rocks Off sat down with David Schmitt of amazing electronic pop duo Breath Carolina to find out what we could learn about him in 30 seconds.

Rocks Off: What is the worst song in the world?

David Schmitt: Ha. I don't know. I know that Kyle [partner Even] personally hates the birthday song.

RO: What is the best lyric in the world?

DS: One of my personal favorites is "May angels lead you in" by Jimmy Eat World. It's a very emotional song and for some reason it hits me really hard

RO: Someone throws a beer bottle at you onstage. What do you do?

DS: duck!

RO: Without worrying about space, time, or the laws of physics, what would be the ultimate gig to play?

DS: It would be sick to play a huge show on the moon and just looking out and seeing earth as we see the moon. Crazy!

RO: What would you buy with a million dollars?

DS: Probably buy a sick spot to build the most ultimate studio

RO: What would you buy with your last dollar?

DS: A beer. Ha-ha. I think.

RO: What will be written on the plaque underneath the giant statue future generations erect in your honor?

DS: Big heart, big mind, hard worker, harder partier.

Breathe Caroline plays Warehouse Live Thursday with The Air I Breathe, Mod Sun, The Color Morale, I See Stars, and Chiodos. Their album Hell is What You Make of It (Fearless Records) is now available on iTunes on at your local Hot Topic.

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