30 Seconds With Cate Le Bon

Rocks Off reached across the Atlantic Ocean to get as down as we could with Cate Le Bon and find out what we could about the singer-songwriter in 30 seconds; by the way, it helps if you imagine the responses in her incredibly sexy Welsh accent. As long as you've got your imagination up and running, could you pretend we sound like Batman? Thanks.

Rocks Off: What is the worst song in the world?

Cate Le Bon: Well now, that would have to be "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel purely because he sings "open up your fruitcake." Gross.

RO: What is the best lyric in the world?

CLB: "Open up your fruitcake," from Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer."

RO: Someone throws a beer bottle at you on stage. What do you do?

CLB: Hope for the best.

RO: Without worrying about space, time, or the laws of physics, what would be the ultimate gig to play?

CLB: I'd love to play a show for my mum and dad back when they were at university to see if they genuinely dig it, or if it's just misplaced loyalty.

RO: What would you buy with a million dollars?

CLB: A souped-up white Ford Capri with cup holders.

RO: What would you buy with your last dollar?

CLB: Tea bags.

RO: If you could canonize another musician, who would it be and of what would they be the patron saint?

CLB: I would canonize my good friend and fellow Welsh musician, Sweet Baboo, for he is the hardest working man in music and not many people know that... He would be the patron saint of Good Times.

RO: What will be written on the plaque beneath the giant statue future generations erect in your honor?

CLB: She did OK.

Cate Le Bon plays Fitzgerald's tonight with St. Vincent. Her latest single, "Puts Me to Work," is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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