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30 Seconds with In This Moment's Maria Brink

Maria Brink is what would happen if you forced Paris Hilton to consume the entire cast of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. When fronting In This Moment, she's an unstoppable hellvixen who takes her metal very seriously. Here's what she screamed at us for 30 seconds.

Rocks Off: What is the worst song in the world?

Maria Brink: Actually, the worse a song is, the more entertaining I find it to be.

RO: What is the best lyric in the world?

MB: The entire lyrics to "Man in Black" by Johnny Cash!

RO: Someone throws a beer bottle at you onstage. What do you do?

MB: I like to imagine it is just a random bottle being thrown around and not at me while I Matrix-dodge it. You truly never know if it's random or directed at yourself. If someone does, however, directly attack me or aim hate or rage on me, I will not stand for it and I eliminate the problem immediately.

RO: Without worrying about space, time or the laws of physics, what would be the ultimate gig to play?

MB: With Elvis, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, Pantera with Dimebag and the Doors with Morrison on the floating mountains on the planet Pandora.

RO: What would you buy with a million dollars?

MB: A new home for me and my family and a new home for my mother.

RO: What would you buy with your last dollar?

MB: A winning lottery ticket.

RO: What will be written on the plaque beneath the giant statue future generations erect in your honor?


In This Moment plays with Kyng Tuesday, May 15 at Scout Bar .

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