30 Years Later: 9 Songs For John Belushi

Thirty years ago today, we lost John Belushi, one of the most brilliant comedic actors of his time. He was a member of some of the best seasons of Saturday Night Live in the mid to late '70s, and starred in the classic comedy Animal House. He was one of the Blues Brothers with fellow SNL-cast member Dan Akroyd, meaning that he was responsible for one of only three good films ever based on SNL skits (the other two being both Wayne's World films).

He was also a man who lived excessively. He was known for his incredible energy (often finishing rehearsals by passing out in exhaustion), his love of practical jokes, his fondness for lively music, and the unfortunate substance abuse that eventually killed him. His memory remains a testament to both the power of genius, and the dangers of a rock-star lifestyle.

Here's to you, John.

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