30footFALL Tenth Anniversary, with Middlefinger and Janitor

"We don't play punk rock shows, we play Houston shows." So says 30footFALL front man Butch Davis, and while you can debate that claim all night, the following statement is unequivocal: Anyone who has ever heard or seen 30footFALL instantly falls in love with 'em. The band plays fast rock and roll, the kind that's called punk only so you know what to wear to the show, and the band often puts its deep Houston roots on view in its songs. There's "Fuck Y'all We're from Texas" (which long predates Ray Wylie Hubbard's more sanitized expression of the same theme) and "Urine Nation," in which Davis cops to urinary anxiety at the infamous Astrodome troughs, both of which showcase a laudable Houston pride. After a decade of this golden shower of hits, it's time for Houston to pay them back.
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Jason Leva