30footFALL's Christmas Friends Have Been Naughty and Nice

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Christmas night, Fitzgerald’s hosts 30footFALL's 22nd Annual Xmas Show. The event is a yuletide tradition for many, right up there with hifalutin Uptown lightings or ice skating in subtropical temperatures at Discovery Green. One of Houston’s esteemed music acts – punk or otherwise – 30footFALL is now three decades into sending the holidays off with a rough kick to the keister of that last reindeer in the train (pretty sure that would be Blitzen).

With enough songs from classic albums like Acme 143 and Ever Revolving, Never Evolving, plus the quirky cover songs the band favors, there’s enough material for 30footFALL to play sans openers, as it did in June at Nightingale Room for one of the best local shows of this year. Instead, the band prefers to host an array of acts for the holidays. While 30foot is busy decking the halls for Sunday’s show, some of those openers agreed to talk about the show, whether they’ve been naughty or nice and what they believe Santa’s leaving under their respective trees this weekend.

THe Cops [sic] are one of the area’s best-reviewed upstart acts, thanks to some veterans on its force. Answering for the arresting band is vocalist Officer Dickinson. Its next gig following this Sunday’s show is a December 29 benefit for Bill Fool, with Dead Roses and Poizon, at Rudyard’s.

Have THe Cops been naughty or nice this year?

“Real nice,” replied Officer Dickinson.

What would THe Cops like from Santa this year?

“Well, our drummer, Officer Harry, wants more fear and oppression for job security," he adds. "Officer White wants steroids so he can really tear it up next year. I, Officer Dickinson, want a larger peni...I mean pension and an early retirement. Why? Self-explanatory. And, Officer Dirty wants world peace…not. He wants another burger because he likes burgers.”

Geoff Bell is bassist for this band which, full disclosure, includes the author’s son.

Naughty or nice?

“Not sure I can say we've been nice; but, definitely not naughty enough to get coal," he says. "I think if anything we've gained a lot of sense with traveling to Europe and back, if that makes any sense; in other words, I think we've found clarity and been a lot more kind to ourselves and others from our recent travels and experiences."

What’s in Santa’s bag for Days N Daze?

"Santa should bring us all our god damn friends back that his 'legion' or whatever took from us this last year. Other than that, fuck his presents and presence.

“This is a really cool opportunity, for years I've wanted to just go in general and never had the chance,” Bell continues, discussing Sunday’s show. “Instead of rolling around neighborhoods with family and friends drinking and burning Christmas trees and looking at lights I'll get one of the coolest gifts, kicking it with punks on a hallmark holiday and enjoying what we do best, tearing shit up and playing music with our friends. Aside from that, who wouldn't wanna play this awesome show with Houston legends, 30footFALL?!"

Percussionist, loops and samples bringer and self-described singer of “oohs and ahhs,” Pedro “P.J.” Yruegaz and vocalist/guitarist J.J. White say the band is about to start work on a new EP. Put that in your stocking, Frog Hair fans. They’ll take a quick respite after the new year and crank things up again with local and regional shows around SXSW.

Naughty? Nice?

“It’s weird. We act naughty and people act nice; but, then again, what’s the holiday season without having to spring for an attorney?” asks White.

Yruegaz says Santa could help the band put its EP out. White is a little more philosophical.

“Bring us another year of waking up on the right side of the dirt and we good,” he says. “We can take care of everything outside of that.”

Roots-reggae/rock act Idiginis won’t get much rest after the Xmas show. According to vocalist/guitarist Aauzraam Levi, the band is right back at it Monday, December 26, for a Kwanzaa celebration show at Third Ward Multi-Service Center (3611 Ennis). They close 2016 with a Dec. 30 set at Austin's Flamingo Cantina. All this while continuing work on their third album.

If you know Idiginis at all, you know the band has been “nice” this year.

“The band has been nice, I think, because we have done a lot of charity work and free shows this year,” Levi confirms. “So, we expect Santa to [be] good to the band. Playing the show is one of the things on our bucket list.

“But what we really would like is for Santa to put someone in front of the band who has the resources to move the band to the next level, i.e., a label rep or manager,” he adds.

Three-piece, second wave and first in the hearts of many local punk fans — that’s the countdown on Revels. Lead singer and guitarist JD Grande says the band’s next show is a benefit for the family of a friend recently lost to suicide, January 5 at Warehouse Live's Studio room. Revels will be joined by Dead to the World, Hindsight, the Ballistics and Grace Ann Miller.

Is Revels on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

“We danced a fine line between the two,” Grande admits. “While you'd think the easy answer would be nice because we spent the year spreading glorious punk rock throughout Texas, we did so foul mouthed and wasted..so it could really go any way.”

“I don't know that Santa could bring us anything we don't already have at the moment,” Grande notes. “We get to end the year at the 22nd annual 30foot Christmas show. Arguably the biggest punk rock show in Houston every year, a show that has been a staple of our holiday season since we were all kids. What else could we ask for?"

30footFall’s 22nd Annual Xmas Show, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 25 at Fitzgerald’s, 2706 White Oak Drive. $15.

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