39 Annoying Things Local Bands Do: A Rebuttal

Some years back, a venue in St. Louis called the Creepy Crawl (um...OK) decided to post a list online of 39 annoying things local bands do. I'm not sure how they came to 39. Maybe they ran out before getting to 40. Maybe they were trying to be clever. Whatever the case, they took it upon themselves to let bands know why they are painfully bothersome to club owners. And, in truth, they have quite a few of them right. For those things, I feel your pain.

But, I'm not here to address those or the ones obviously specific to Creepy Crawl and their no-pizza-eating band jerks. There were plenty of items on the list that definitely required at least some kind of rebuttal from a sane musician and since one wasn't available, I'll take a crack at it.

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