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5 Bands That Should Break Up Immediately

Music fans are selfish. We might act like we only want what's best for our favorite bands, but the truth is that we really just want what will give us the most gratification.

A lot of ink, both real and digital, has been used this year to talk about reunions. And while writers might dissect the motives behind them, those motives don't matter to fans. A reunion is another chance to experience the live show and to hope for new music. It's all about gratification.

There's a flip side to fandom and gratification.

It's the side that encourages acts to stay together for our amusement. It's the side that tells bands to stay on the road doing the same song and dance twice a year, release albums full of filler tracks and to never change or evolve their sound. Why don't we encourage more bands to take a break?

We as fans shouldn't be focusing on bands that should get back together. We should be focusing on bands that should break up.

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