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5 Bands That Thankfully Still Aren't Getting Back Together

With all the bands reuniting these days, it's hard to say anything is forever in the world of music. Bands are even getting smart and putting themselves on "indefinite hiatus" rather than actually "breaking up." See, they're just going away for a while. A "break up" would be too much of a commitment.

We can say with certainty that some bands are never, ever coming back though, and sometimes that's not a bad thing. Sometimes, a band should have never existed in the first place and we are thankfully blessed that they will never grace our presence again.

5. Tin Machine

By the end of the '80s, David Bowie's career had fallen into the abyss. I mean, he was still internationally known and acclaimed, but let's face it: If you liked Never Let Me Down or his version of "Dancing in the Street" with Mick Jagger, congratulations, you must actually be Mick Jagger. Even Bowie hated those things and lamented them.

So what's an aging rock star who has sold his soul to bad bubblegum pop to do but, of course, get in touch with your "roots" with a stripped-down garage-rock band? Enter Tin Machine, Bowie's attempt to do just that. I'll give Bowie this: There were a few good tracks here, like the video for "Under the God" seen above (plus dig Bowie's beard!). But luckily Tin Machine faded fast and Bowie returned to the pop world, and we're all much better for it.

4. The Singing Senators

It's hard to diss a charity band, but I'm game. The Singing Senators were a group of Republican senators who did barbershop-quartet songs. If you can think of anything lamer than that, let me know. On baritone was the senator from Missouri, John Ashcroft. Larry Craig, senator from Idaho, took on the lead role. Senator James Jeffords from Vermont was the tenor and Senator Trent Lott from Mississippi was the bass.

Do those names sound familiar to you? Yeah, they should. Ashcroft ended up being Bush's Attorney General, a rather undistinguished position for anyone and singing this solo track. Lott lost his position as Senate Majority Leader after publicly embarrassing himself by saying Strom Thurmond, known racist and segregationist, should have won the Presidential election in 1948 on a ticket based entirely on the issue of segregation.

Craig resigned in disgrace after getting arrested for allegedly trying to hire a male prostitute in a bathroom. Jeffords proceeded to get the hell out of dodge and left the Republican party. All those things killed this group once and for all, for the good of humanity.

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Corey Deiterman