5 Bands Who Pioneered Modern Indie-Rock... Besides the Smiths

Legendary guitarist Johnny Marr is set to release his first ever solo record next month after years of being a sideman for other bands, some rather important. In anticipation, he's had some choice words to say that one would have expected more from his less level-headed ex-Smiths compatriot Morrissey. Specifically, Marr claimed in a recent interview with the UK's The Guardian that the Smiths invented indie-rock as we know it today.

While I won't argue with Mr. Marr on the Smiths' being massively influential on indie-rock, I do have to pipe up and say that he may be taking a bit too much credit by saying they "invented" the modern indie-rock sound, a conglomerate culled from a myriad of sources, from Phil Spector to Phil Collins.

Even some of the Smiths' contemporaries had just as big of an influence on the scene, and today I'd like to point out some of the biggest and best of those names to remind Marr that he's not the only pioneer of jangly guitars and haunting, pained vocal melodies.

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Corey Deiterman