5 Funny Johnny Cash Songs Besides "A Boy Named Sue"

This past week while sifting through Cactus Music's country 45 crates -- BACK OFF -- I found a copy of Johnny Cash's "The Chicken In Black" single, just in time for the ninth anniversary of the Man In Black taking his trip to Heaven and his darling bride June Carter Cash.

Cash passed away on September 12, 2003. Next year's celebration of his life -- the tenth anniversary -- should be a big one, with reissues and the like clogging the marketplace.

As I have covered before in the past here on Rocks Off, at least annually on either his birthday or deathday, Cash was a lot more than a somber guy who happened to only wear dark clothing. He had a corny but charming sense of humor too.

"The Chicken In Black" tells the story of a headache-addled Cash going to the doctor to find that his body had outlived his brain, and ordered him up a brain transplant. Of course, he gets the brain of a bank robber, fusing the mind of a country troubadour with that of a career criminal. It's goofy, but the music video he made for the song is comedy gold.

The video features Cash/Manhattan Flash robbing concertgoers and making fans throw their money into his guitar case, and a Roy Acuff cameo.

I have excluded "A Boy Named Sue" because you have all heard it at least once an hour Country Legends 97.1, Houston's playlist-happy classic-country station. Dudes, let Rocks Off play DJ for a few hours a week.

5. "Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart"

4. "Look At Them Beans"

3. "Everybody Loves A Nut"

2. "Foolish Questions"

1. "The Chicken In Black"

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