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5 Great, Utterly Absurd Moments In Diva History

Many performers are referred to, or refer to themselves as "divas." This happens especially when the performer in question has thrown a tantrum for little or no reason. You see, "diva" is actually French for "spoiled pain in the ass." A fine recent example comes from right here in Houston: The alleged attack upon a West Point cadet by a pair of Patti LaBelle's "bodyguards" (read: "hired goons").

Perhaps you might be interested in learning about some more of the biggest diva moments in the world of rock and pop? Well, what a coincidence. You should probably keep reading. All divas are given a score on a scale of one to 10, with one being completely un-diva-like and 10 being equivalent to a member of European royalty screaming at a butler for setting out the wrong dinnerware while being filmed for a reality show.


5. Foxy Brown Hocks a Loogie, Throws a Blackberry, Goes to Jail

Have you ever been disappointed in a hotel's service? Maybe the doorman was rude, or maybe the maid didn't leqave you enough towels, or maybe the bloodstains from the previous guest weren't adequately scrubbed from the carpet and drapes and ceiling.

Whatever the reason, maybe you reacted badly and lashed out. Maybe you called corporate headquarters to complain, left a pissy one-star review on Yelp, or even demanded a discount from the manager. And you probably felt bad afterwards.

Well, ease up on the guilt, because at least you're not Foxy Brown. In 1997, the Brooklyn rapper actually spat upon two hotel employees because they did not have an iron available. Her sentence for that crime was suspended, but Brown didn't stop there.

Over the years she has punched a Jamaican policewoman in the stomach, hit a neighbor with a Blackberry, and almost ran over a stroller with a baby in it. Finally, after assaulting two manicurists, Brown did a year in jail... where she spent 76 days in solitary confinement after an "altercation" with another prisoner.

Diva Score: 7. She started off strong with the "no iron" tantrum, but as time goes by, Foxy becomes less of a diva and more of a flat-out psychopath. True divas rarely throw down themselves, and certainly not when they're outnumbered. Multiple times.

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