5 Non-Rap Acts We'd Like to See Chopped Not Slopped

Here's a confession: I've never really understood chopped and screwed music. Because of this, I've never had an opinion on it, and filed it away with Reggaeton and Texas Country in my "genres not for me" mental file folder.

Then I heard OG Ron C's take on Girl Talk's All Day and I found myself really enjoying it. Suddenly I became curious about what other non-rap chopped not slopped mixes might be out there. Luckily for me, DJ Lil Steve did a whole series of alternative and hard rock tapes awhile back featuring Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and Nickelback, among others.

Color me surprised by how much I enjoyed the Nickelback mix in particular.

But why stop there? There's still a whole world of non-rap acts that might benefit from being slow, loud and banging. Here are five that I'd like to see the Chopstars work their magic on.

(Writer's Note: The attached videos are included to give you an idea of what things might sound like. Do not consider this an endorsement of any of the tracks, unless the DJ is from Houston and has a violent streak, in which case their mix is awesome.)

5. Deftones

The Deftones may not have been as rap-centric as their contemporaries, but that's okay, because they were far and away the best band to come out of the hodgepodge of bands labeled nu-metal.

Although darker and more melodic than the Korns and Limp Bizkits of the world, they could drop a great riff when they needed to and have plenty of tracks that might make for an interesting chopped tape. Also, Chino Moreno has the best moan/sing in modern rock, which would help give the tape a bit more character.

4. The Cure

Robert Smith's vocal style may not be best suited for this type of remix, but I still think it would be an interesting experiment. Would England's greatest gothic pop export turn even sadder? Would someone even be able to drive around the city at night with this blasting in their ride, or would the tears drive them to the side of the road?

This could be the start to a whole series of "sad, lonely and banging" mixes if they play their cards right.

3. Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is no stranger to rap music and OG Ron C is no stranger to Tim McGraw. McGraw once worked with Nelly, and Ron C has already chopped up that Nelly collaboration for his Fuck Action 39 tape.

The groundwork was there before, but now that McGraw has released "Truck Yeah," it seems something like this is almost inevitable. Picture it: pasture parties across the country, all to the tune of a Tim McGraw chopped not slopped tape. It's cultural exchange at its best.

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2. Pantera

As long as there have been bored stoners with record players, there have been people who've slowed down their metal records to make them sound heavier. Nothing against these sonic pioneers, but I'd like to see the professionals take a crack at things.

And if you're going into straight-up heavy metal, Pantera seems like a natural choice. Isn't it time that two of Texas's greatest musical exports come together to break speakers and bones?

1. Skrillex

Here's a question: Would you even have to chop a Skrillex track? His songs are frantic and chaotic enough to start with, heavy on the glitches that are a trademark of that genre. In this instance, things would be more focused on the speed.

Skrillex may not be drum and bass fast, but the crazy nature of his synths gives his music an artificial feeling of speed. Slowing down the songs would give the listener a chance to really hone in on what he's doing sonically, much in the same way that slowing down Girl Talk helps one appreciate his sample manipulation.

Have your own requests or just want to tell me why I'm wrong about any of the above? Make a comment below.

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