5 Places I'd Rather Play Than Saturday Night Live

Recently I returned to being an active musician, and that is peachy with a side of keen. Like most musicians, I'm a day dreamer who spends his bathtub time answering in-depth questions from imaginary hot, red-headed music journalists about the undeniable genius of my art. Also returning are the ever-present dream gig musings.

Since I was a kid, the dream gig was always Saturday Night Live. I can't even tell you how many great new artists I discovered on SNL, but in the last several years I've watched the show most weeks and seen only two, Adele and Beck, who really wowed me. The rest were quite forgettable.

Clearly, SNL isn't the place it once was when it comes to musical brilliance. This lead me to seek a new dream gig. Here's the top five places I'd rather get showcased than SNL.

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